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Linwood, NJ 08221
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Real Estate Law

Our firm handles real estate transactions in South Jersey. We have facilitated thousands of sales and purchases for more than 35 years for New Jersey Residents and Out-of-State Sellers and Buyers. Transactions can be handled in person or virtually via email and telephone.

Linwood CommonsMayro & Mayro Office

We represent both residential and commercial clients, landlords and condominium associations and owners from initial attorney review and negotiation through closing for seller or buyer.

We prepare deed, contract, mortgage, note, lease and other real estate contracts, and all related matters including:

• Real Estate Closings
• Purchases / Sales / Mortgages
• Attorney Review 
• Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Eviction & Ejectment
• Construction
• Tax Appeals

• Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
• Leases
• Title Examinations
• Quiet Title Actions
• Condominium Conversions
• Riparian Rights & Claims